Not all lighting is equal.

When shopping for grow lights it’s best to consider, in addition to total lumen output, the need for a true “full spectrum” of light which includes both UV and IR bands to enhance the quality of fruit and photosynthetic process respectively.

Why LED?

LEDs have come along way, and they are best at energy-efficient lighting at targeted spectrums. They will last many times longer than any bulb and deliver consistent PAR lighting to your plants. Additionally, you can control what types of photosynthesis occurs resulting in a plant that is optimized to your needs.

Why Purple Light Instead of White Light?

The color of the grow lights are tuned to what plants you are growing. Growing lettuce requires more red-shifted lighting with some blue; while growing cannabis is better-suited to a “full spectrum” white lighting that covers everything among the UltraViolet and the InfraRed lighting color range.